Visit our showroom in LaSalle and choose from a vast selection of different options and samples. We will help you tailor the look of your window covering to the interior design of each individual room. Scheduled appointments are available for in-home or showroom meetings. You’ll be able to touch, see, and feel the blinds you want and be able to choose from a variety of excellent companies. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss or ask any questions you might have, ex: different options, durability, functionality, odd-shaped windows, and ultimately what is going to make you happy. With 35 years of experience, we can show you the best window covering treatments that will work best for any room, at various cost levels.

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What's Hot!

Habitat Sonoma Soft Shadings

Habitat’s Sonoma Soft Shadings offer you the privacy of a window shade, the softened view of a sheer and the light control and versatility of a horizontal blind all-in-one beautifully elegant and innovatively-engineered product.
The soft fabric vanes of Sonoma Soft Shadings are suspended between two sheer fabric facings. In the fully lowered position, the vanes can be tilted open for more light and view or closed for total privacy or anywhere in between - so easy, so beautiful!
Sonoma Soft Shadings are also very energy efficient. In the open position, Sonoma Soft Shadings block as much as 89% of harmful UV rays and when closed, command an impressive 99% UV protection.
Sonoma Soft Shadings operate effortlessly and with exacting precision by means of its continuous cord loop and clutch system. The system allows for easy operation of shades on even large expansive windows.

What's Popular!

Graber CrystalPleat Cellular Shades

Graber's CrystalPleat® Cellular shades are a stylish way to boost the energy efficiency of your home. An attractive honeycomb design creates pockets of air that insulate windows from heat and cold to lower your energy bills year round. Cellular shades also offer great sound absorption to quiet rooms with hard flooring. You can even extend energy efficiency and coordinated style to patio doors with Graber's Slide-Vue™ Cellular shade. Available in three cell sizes and four opacities.

What's New!

Graber Panel Accents Sliding Panels

Graber Panel Accents™ Sliding Panels provide coordinated coverings for wide windows, patio doors, closet doors or room dividers using Roller, Solar, or Natural Shade materials. Sliding Panels are a modern and functional way to create a harmony of style in any space. A rust-resistant aluminum track system lets you choose the number of tracks based on the needs of your space, automatically sizing the panels (narrower or wider) based on the selection. Graber’s design features the leading panel in the front and the stationary panel in the back for easier opening and better clearance of window obstructions. Available in fabrics featured in Roller, Solar, and Natural Shades collections, for seamless coordination throughout your home..