All Bug Stop Screens are designed to accommodate all residential and commercial garage doors. These screens can be used on any kind of opening and are perfect for keeping out mosquitoes, other insect pests, windblown dirt and debris, wandering intruders, and cats while still allowing the fresh air to flow through.

This Garage Door Screen mounts on the outside molding to allow for regular door use. This Screen is easy to install with little installation needed. Once you’ve mounted your brackets on the outside of the molding simply snap in the screen and Whaaa Laaa your Screen is ready to use. An added weight pocket along the bottom allows for added sturdiness. The high quality Fiberglass Screen can also provide a semi-private atmosphere. When your done with this screen simply roll it up with the stitched on ties.

Optional zippers are available to be installed in the middle of the screen. The screen comes in standard sizes, but custom sizes are also offered. Screens can be adapted for gazebos, porches, boats, travel trailers, Warehouses, Barns and more.